Beach outfit ideas

Welcome, hot temperatures, beaches and palm trees ! Summer is my favorite time of the year – not very original, I know – so I’m very happy!

I’m also very excited because I am in Greece right now, on the island of Rhodes, and I am having so much fun. I’ll make a video of our trip but for now you can follow our adventure on my instagram.

Greece is full of incredible beaches and breathtaking landscapes, so I selected for you  four beach outfits that I hope will inspire you! 


Between the City and the Sea

HELLO-3This amazing red one-piece bathing suit is from New Look, if you wear it with shorts, it can be turned into a top that you can wear outside of the beach. The shorts are from H&M, they are a basic, high-waisted model. The scandals are from Minelli and I’m in love with the colors and the gold feathers. For the accessories, I selected these clubmaster RayBan sunglasses and a tote bag from H&M.


Bohemian Beauty

HELLOI find this look perfect for a more secluded, wild kind of beach. The Bikini is from Calzedonia, (Top and bottom) I like the different tones of green. It matches perfectly with this Folys beach bag. I put a touch of yellow with the H&M flower headband and H&M sandals. I chose a white off the shoulder dress from New Look and for the finishing touch, I added this light brown pair of RayBans.


Chic in Black

HELLO-2I wanted to create a chic style and for me nothing is chicer than black. The off the shoulder one piece bathing suit is from New look. I am in love with it, and paired it with these Ivyrevel mesh shorts. I chose a straw hat from H&M  with a dark touch to match the rest the outfit. The transparent beach bag is from ZARA, the sandals from Bershka. To finish, I added a Micheal Kors watch to elevate the whole outfit and a pair of sunglasses from Marc Jacob.



Chill in Blue

HELLO-4This look is the one that reflects my own style the most. In a previous video, I told you about this Ivyrevel off the shoulder bikini (Top and Bottom).  I  love it for the colors, the flower pattern and the shape of the top. It looks great with this pair of New Look shorts and these Micheal Kors sunglasses. These are the sunglasses I discovered at the MK outlet in Cannes. Since the outfit is very colorful already, I chose these silver Havaianas and a transparent tote from New Look to complete the look with a neutral touch.


How to make Twins Dutch braid.

This week I’d like share with you this hair tutorial. I usually wear this kind of hairstyle at work and many of my colleagues ask me how to do it… So here are all my secrets!

 I hope you enjoy it!

Yummy healthy and easy dessert

I think this dessert is the easiest one you’ve ever seen. It was not planned at all, I was just preparing my lunch with an idea of making a fruit salad for dessert, but I realized that I didn’t have enough fruits. Instead, I created this: fruits on top, some cereals and a yogurt.

It only takes 5 minutes. Trust me, everyone will love it!


Take a transparent glass or a jar, it doesn’t matter. Something you find great and here we go!

For two people you need: 1 yogurt, 2kiwis, 1 peach, and a bit of cereals.

  • Start by putting a yogurt on the bottom of your glass (I used a fat free strawberry yoghourt)
  • Then add some cereals of your choice, or even some oatmeal.
  • After cutting the peach and the kiwis in little pieces, add the kiwis pieces first and then the peach.
  • If you like you can add something on top to decorate your dessert. As to me, some chocolate chips is just a great choice! 

And here you go! It’s simple!


I haven’t  found a name for this yet… any idea? You are free to leave your version in comments just below 


My sunny life in Aix-en-Provence

I’ve lived in Aix-en-Provence for the past two years and each day I love this little city more and more. Aix is a charming little town in Provence, in the South of France near Marseille. It is famous for its rich cultural heritage, as it has been renowned for its thermal baths since the Roman Empire. Aix is called the city with a hundred fountains. It is a touristic place and also an important center of teaching and research in Law, Literature and Humanities. The University of Aix was founded in 1409.

As a resident, there are many things I like here; places and activities that pace my everyday life. So here is my personal list of all the stuff I love doing in Aix-en-Provence:

  • Taking a walk in the Mazarin neighborhood

The Mazarin neighborhood is filled with mansions, beautiful old buildings and fountains. What I particularly like is taking an evening walk there in summer. I am the kind of girl who drags her boyfriend from the couch to go for a walk at 11 pm and this neighborhood is great for a romantic walk.

This part of the city is also absolutely lovely during the day. If you are looking for a place to stay in Aix, I would recommend this neighborhood. It’s in the city center, but it’s a calm, peaceful and beautiful place.


It was the first restaurant in Aix that I went to with my boyfriend. I remember the evening perfectly. We spent it enjoying the twilight, talking about our day and discussing our dreams and projects.

It’s probably at that moment that this restaurant turned into one of my favorite places. Since this day, we celebrate all the important events of our life there.

The place is very festive, the food is good and their sangria is outstanding. You can share your plates. It makes the experience friendlier and more fun. On Sunday, they serve a great brunch.


  • Enjoying the patio on the Cours Mirabeau

The Cours Mirabeau is the main avenue in Aix, where the famous “La Rotonde” fountain is located.

The street is full of restaurants, hotels and shops. We love having breakfast with croissants and “pains au chocolats” at the Bastide du Cours patio.  There’s no better way for me to start my day than by having my morning coffee under the sun here.


In the afternoon we love having  ice-cream on the same avenue. I can definitely recommend Giovanni Gelateria. They have a large selection of ice cream flavors and there is a terrace (which is quite rare for an ice cream parlor here) where you can take a break while enjoying your delicious snack. They also offer refreshing smoothies.



  • The happy hour at the Cardeur square

Having a drink with my colleagues after work is a more common occurrence than we would like to admit. Most of the time, we have a drink on the Cours Mirabeau because it’s closer to our work, but I far prefer enjoying a glass of wine on the Cardeur square. The square is packed with restaurants and bars where you can enjoy this very important moment of the day called “apéro.” I particularly like being there on late afternoons because it stays sunny until late.

We often go to the Cutback bar, the happy hour is great and they also serve charcuterie and cheese platters.


What I like about the therms is that I get that vacation feel ten minutes away from home.

The best time to go is on Sunday during the summer. This is because they serve an amazing brunch with a large selection of fresh food, from croissants to meat, from fruits to fish. During the summer, you can enjoy the brunch outside by the pool.

You can still visit the Spa in the wintertime. There is a Jacuzzi, a Hammam, a sauna and sensory showers. Try the tropical one: when you close your eyes, you will feel as if you are in the middle of the jungle.

It’s a perfect place for a girls’ night out or a romantic day with your significant other.


  • Spending time at the Apple Store

The Apple Store is a great place to catch up with the latest technology while taking a break.  I love everything there:  the design, the location and of course the store itself. As a huge Apple fan, I love having a store in my city.

I love admiring the sunset from the inside. You can see the vermilion colored light all over the store with a perfect view on La Rotonde.


Spending time in the store, enjoying the atmosphere, connecting with other people or apple fans is always a great experience. Now it will be even better with Today at apple.

  • Having a picnic at La Torse park

I enjoy jogging in this park with my boyfriend late afternoons. Sometimes, after our run, we stay for a dinner picnic. The park is quiet at this hour, which gives us a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset.


From time to time, we also go there for lunch.  The mood is much more lively, but it’s still very nice. Many people play, run, do yoga, or just lay on their towels to get a tan during these hours.


Most of all, I love this place because this park combines different landscapes: there are two large grassy areas; a cute river; a little lake with some ducks and carp; a path lined with bamboo trees that resembles a Japanese garden; and even a sports field. The park is near the city center, only ten minutes away from the famous cours Mirabeau.

  • Having a Starbucks drink in the modern neighborhood

If something is missing in this city, it’s definitely a Starbucks coffee shop. Hotel Renaissance does have a Starbucks corner, which helps.

The great thing is that the hotel is in the modern part of the city. This gives me an opportunity to enjoy modern architecture and sculptures while enjoying a beverage. I find this place beautiful and inspiring, but you can judge for yourself:






Going to Cannes is a great idea!

I wanted to congratulate my boyfriend for his promotion and celebrate his birthday, so I surprised him with a two-day stay in Cannes including spa, mojitos, beach time… all the things he and I love.

There are many incredible places in the world and Cannes is one of them. Here are some reasons why I enjoyed it so much, and why it’s a perfect destination for a weekend with your significant other.

  • The incredible views

In Cannes you’ve got many rooftops and terraces overlooking the sea. Most of the time they are hotel bars or restaurants. We were staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, and it offers two great view points: the first one was a bar restaurant with a panoramic view on the beaches and the port.


The second one was the rooftop pool and Jacuzzi that we enjoyed a lot in the afternoon. It was not as high up as the bar/restaurant but it was my favorite part of this hotel.



  • The window shopping

We took a walk on La Croisette, the famous promenade overlooking the beach, and gazed at the luxury shops windows. I loved the atmosphere of this place, with the sunshine, the palm trees and the palaces surrounding this beautiful avenue. I also enjoyed looking at the Chanel’s, Dior’s and Yves Saint Laurent’s new collections with dreamy eyes. I fell in love again with the Michael Kors shop, which is a bit more affordable, and I am now coveting this pair of sunglasses.



  • The private beaches

While on vacation, I particularly appreciate having lunch or dinner at the beach. Cannes is full of really nice private beaches that make you feel like you are on a paradise island.



We went to a few beaches, my favorite was the Cristal Beach on the West side of the port. I loved the menu and the decor with the banana trees. We rented lounging chairs for the afternoon. It is so enjoyable to take a nap lulled by the sound of the sea.

  • No need for a car

When we arrived, we parked the car and did not move it until we left. It’s a real pleasure not being stuck in traffic or having to look for a parking spot for 20 minutes while on vacation. Cannes is a small city where you can get to almost everything by foot.

  • Being there in the low season

Going to the French Riviera in May has its advantages. We were there at the perfect time, ten days before the Cannes film festival. In May, the weather is great most of the time.  The temperature allows you to enjoy the pool or lie on your towel and get a tan. Because the tourists have not yet arrived, there is always an available lounging chair on the first row at the beach, or available tables at restaurants, and the sidewalks are not yet crowded. We are used to planning and booking everything in advance, so it was quite relaxing to choose our activities at the last minute without having to worry that it may be overbooked.
To end this article, here is a little Vlog.



Hi guys!

Today I’d like to show you my very first haul video. I am very excited to share my last shopping spree with you all!

Hope you’ll like it and excuse me in advance for my language skills. I am sure you will be able to witness my progress along this blog adventure.

Here are all the links for the items I shared with you:

  • The white top is available here
  • The off the shoulder top is here (I couldn’t find the same color as mine on the website, but I linked the same model)
  • You can find the blue dress here
  • The scallopped short is available here
  • The tulip short from Ivyrevel is here
  • The bikini is available here


Our hair care routine

May: When I was a teenager I used to torture my hair! I went through many colors and hairstyles, used many chemicals and totally damaged my hair … I even bleached my  hair blonde… Seriously, don’t ask what was going through my head! Thankfully, reason came back to me and today I take very good care of my hair… It is my way to ask for its forgiveness.

Laura: In this hair matter, I am actually quite different from May. I have always had healthy, naturally thick hair and I have always been paranoid about damaging it, so I never really had a “bad hair phase,” if you discount the red streaks I had in 9th grade. But even then, I got them done professionally and it never really damaged my hair. My hair routine has been set for many years and it is pretty consistent.

  • Good habits

May: Just like for your skin, having great hair is not only about great products, it’s also about great habits.


The first of them is to not over wash it. In my case I wash my hair two or three times a week and I only shampoo once and use one conditioner. You don’t need to shampoo your hair twice if the first time is effective and your hair is not too dirty. Before applying the shampoo I twist my hair so the shampoo is less diluted and more effective. The more you wash your hair, the faster it will become greasy.  If I really need to I also use dry shampoo, but it is pretty rare.

You should also rotate your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair has different needs depending on the season, your lifestyle, your diet and the state of your health. Changing shampoos means switching cleaning bases and giving your hair the care adapted to its evolving needs.

Laura: As far as washing hair goes, my habits are pretty similar as May’s above. However, I will add that if I have sweated a lot during a workout for example, I have no qualms about washing my hair twice, usually with two different shampoos.

I also try to avoid using heat whenever possible. I usually let my hair air dry, except in the winter. Remember, I live in Chicago! When I do use heat, I am careful and use products to protect my hair. I also try to vary my hairstyles and not leave my hair up all the time to avoid breakage with elastic bands. In a nutshell, my rule is to leave my hair as natural and free when I do not have anywhere to be to compensate for when I have to style it.

  • Natural Products

May: I have my very favorite shampoos. I wanted to try natural products and I fell in love with a shampoo by Lush; a shampoo bar, to be more specific. I love it because it foams and washes well, and it is very economical. I was a bit skeptical when the teller told me one shampoo bar equals three bottles of shampoo, but it actually does. Well, at one condition: you have to place it in a little container (you can buy one at Lush) to protect the shampoo from the water of your shower when you don’t use it. Of course you can reuse the container every time you buy a new shampoo bar.


My other big favorite one is Repaire-me.Wash by Kevin Murphy, it makes my hair so smooth, and I love the smell.  On top of that it’s paraben free, sulfate free and not tested on animals. For their products they use a lot of essential oils and natural extracts.

As far as conditioners go, my favorite of the moment it 3 minutes miracles from Aussie. It’s one of the most efficient conditioners I have ever used. It repairs and softens your hair in 3 minutes.

Laura: I usually alternate between Aveda shampure™ shampoo and conditioner, and (MALIN + GOETZ) peppermint shampoo and cilantro conditioner. I like the latter combination when my hair feels a bit dryer. Lately, I noticed in pharmacies the Whole Blands brand by Garnier, which is not new at all for me because it has existed in France for years under the name Ultra Doux. I used to love this line by Garnier when I lived in France, so I gave the Whole Blends Olive Oil a try. I like that it is silicone and Paraben free, and the smell always reminds me of home.

What’s important to me when I select a shampoo and conditioner are the components, but also how my hair feels after a wash. I hate it when it feels heavy as if it has some greasy residue. I like to use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner because they are usually designed to work in combination with each other.

I also love using Argan oil on my hair. Usually I use the spray by Organix, especially when using hot tools or if my hair has been exposed to sun or salt. In the midst of summer I also love to use Tahiti Monoi from Tiare flower. I love the smell and apply it on my skin and hair for hydration and smoothness. Can’t wait for the beach!

  • More

May: Caring for your hair is not limited to the kind of products you use in the shower. Every day I apply a nut of oil on it (I alternate between different ones such as Orofluido Elixir , Silk Infusin or Nuxe Sun during the summer)

Once every two weeks or once a month I give my hair a home treatment. It helped a lot when my hair was burnt due to over bleaching.  I apply olive oil and leave it on my hair at least an hour. My friend told me she sleeps with it. It makes for better results, of course, but it’s complicated since you have to wrap your head in saran wrap so that you don’t stain your bed. Some people also mix olive oil with honey… why not?

Laura: I have made a crazy discovery: there is a hair care caviar product line! I got samples at Sephora, and fell in love with their CC Cream. It really does the ten things it promises, and my hair feels amazing after it. Full disclosure: I am conservative about the amount I use and only apply to the tips up until half of my hair length. It can weigh your hair down if you use too much of it.


Things I discovered in Berlin

Hallo Leute!

I just came back from a three-day stay in Berlin with my mother and it was so much fun. We went to very popular and touristic places such as the Brandenburg gate, the Bundestag (German Parliament) and of course the famous Checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin has surprised me in many ways and that’s what I want to share with you in this article.

The wall is everywhere in the city

Of course you can’t go to Berlin without seeing the wall. I was so moved to be in front of such a huge part of history. For the record, the wall circled West Berlin from 1961 to 1989, it was 154km (96 miles) long with 302 observations towers.

In my imagination, the wall was only visible in some specific places in Berlin. I didn’t expect to see parts of the wall displayed everywhere in the city. I even saw some parts of it in shops or on display in some streets. Basically, the wall was chopped in pieces and these pieces were placed in different parts of Berlin as small memorials.

Today, only a few small stretches of the wall remain at the original Berlin sites. There is the famous East Side Gallery, which is the longest standing wall section (1.3 km/ 0.6miles). One hundred and eighteen artists from 21 different countries painted on the wall, making it the biggest street art exhibition.


I was most interested by the last intact part of the wall, near Bernauer Straße. You can clearly see the “no man’s land” between the two walls, where nobody was allowed to be. Human presence there was considered a legal offense: any intruder was to be shot down by one or other of the factions.


The history of Berlin is so interesting, you can click here to find out more about the wall.

The polemic during the work of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Near the famous Brandenburg gate is this very powerful memorial honoring the 6 million Holocaust victims. It is made of 2711 concrete concrete slabs on 19 000 square meters and no two slabs are exactly the same. The place made a strong impression on me, even though it is very simple and modern looking, it is very solemn. There is also a museum about the Holocaust under the memorial.


When the memorial was being built, a scandal broke out. The supplier of the anti-graffiti coating applied to the slabs is no other than Degussa, the same company that produced Zyklon B, a gas used in Nazi extermination camps. In the end, the company’s important involvement for the conservation and tribute of the tragedy since the end of the war contributed to end the polemic.

Don’t worry about public transportation

While preparing my trip, I asked my German friend for information about Berlin. When the transportation came up she told me “Oh! you don’t have to worry about it in Berlin” and she changed the topic. It’s only when I arrived that I understood. All the lines, buses, trams, metro are so well organized and frequent (we never waited more than five minutes) and very cheap on top of it (7€ for an unlimited day-pass).

Speaking about the price, I was surprised that there were no turnstiles and you can board the subway without any control. I really appreciated that German people rely on trust.


In fact, I discovered that everyday, all the tubes and buses together travel about the same distance as eight times around the Earth. The subway in Berlin was inaugurated in 1902, and although some stations look really old, everything is very clean.

One of the highest towers of Europe

At a height of 368 meters, the Berliner Fernsehturm (Television Tower) is the tallest building in Germany and one of the tallest constructions in Europe. I was so surprised to find out that the Fernsehturn tower is higher than the Eiffel Tower.


It was built between 1965 and 1969 by the government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The Tower was a symbol of the party, it was built to display the superiority of communism over capitalism, it was intended to show that the East was working to create a better future. Also, the shape of the tower was supposed to mirror the shape of the soviet satellite Sputnik.

Forty percent of the city is underground

The city is almost double the size than it appears thanks to a huge underground railway station and many of the World War II bunkers, escape tunnels, sewers and brewery cellars. Tourists can visit the underground world of Berlin. The association Berliner Unterwelten organizes different tours of the various bunkers.

I was so excited to go on one of their tours, but unfortunately they take place from Friday to Monday… and we were in Berlin from Tuesday to Thursday.

Ruins as a memory of the war

Berlin underwent 363 Allied air raids during World War II, so the city was in ruins. If nowadays Berlin is a beautiful city, some buildings and monuments are still in ruins. However, in most cases, Berliners made a conscious decision to keep them that way so that they never forget what they overcame.

The most emblematic and most relevant of all is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, built in the 1890’s and badly damaged by bombing raids in 1943.

Although a large majority of the building was renovated, some parts of it remain damaged by the bombing, like the statue in ruins at the entrance for example.


How technology can help stay in shape

As far as I remember, food was always a big deal for me. I really love eating and I used to be a bit of an emotional eater. When I had a bad day, I would find comfort in eating. As a result, I struggled to keep a balanced weight and this is where technology actually helped me a lot.

First of all, thanks to YouTube, my booty is now firm. I practice different activities. I go running and I have a gym membership, but what I love about using YouTube to exercise is that you don’t need to get ready, get into your car or walk to the gym. Whether it is in the morning after I wake up, or after a day at work, I just need to turn on my phone, take my gym mat and here we go. I love working out outdoors, but  I deeply believe that I wouldn’t have obtained the same results without YouTube. It helps me stay active even when it’s raining or I’m feeling lazy. No more excuses.


There are a billion You-tubers that will  make your muscles sore and bring your heart out of your chest. My big favorite is  Cassey Ho from Blogilates. She knows how to motivate me and is more like a friend than a coach. She definitely knows how to make it burn. I also like Chloe Ting, because her videos challenge me every time.

YouTube is not the only way I use technology to get fit.  Thanks to our smartphones,  it is now possible to know how many steps we took all day, how many stories we climbed up, how many kilometers or miles we walked and even how many calories we burned. Being able to know this type of information motivates me to be more active. Until I got the Apple Watch, I was using the podometre++  app on my iPhone. There are similar apps on Android devices. With the Apple Watch, I have a lot more details about my activities and I can set my daily goals. For example, my watch reminds me to stand up if it finds me too lazy. Above all, I love that we can share our activities with our friends, support one another and sometimes even tease each other. As a huge Apple fan, I could talk about the Apple Watch for days, but I’ll start to annoy you guys so if you want more information, you can find it here.

Looks that my girls are working hard today

On top of helping me move my butt, technology also helps me manage what I eat. I use the Yazio app, also available on Android. With this app you can calculate the calories you eat everyday. I have to admit that counting calories can be a bit constrictive, so I use the app to make sure that my meals are balanced. When I see that I have crossed the line and ate too much, I use the app to set me back on track. It helps me maintain a balance without feeling the frustration of a diet. I don’t believe in dieting anyway. I believe we have to find balance between what we eat and what we burn.

There are lots of similar apps to Yazio. For example, I find Lifesum to be a very complete fitness app, although I still use Yazio because I am accustomed to it.

Last, but not the least, is Instagram. You can find many accounts for a healthy life and food ideas or Fitspo. I think it has a great impact on our lives by encouraging the exchange of this kind of content.

Here are some accounts I like:



Our tips for a great skin

May: One day my Korean friend told me: “Did you notice the big difference between Asian and Western women in terms of skincare? Asians are crazy about creams and stuff that can improve their skin quality and Westerners are crazy about products that hide their imperfections.” I don’t think it is true for all Western girls, but it was my case and this conversation made me realize that I should try to take better care of my skin. 

But unlike what my friend said, having a great skin is not only a matter of finding the perfect cream, it is also about great habits. I’d like to share with you five tips to help you improve the quality of your skin. 

Laura:  You are right. Having a great skin is so important and can be tricky! I think we got the wrong impression from mom here because she has a great skin and does very little to it.  This is why I always figured than once I’d pass the puberty stage, I’d emerge like a Phoenix with radiant skin. I learned that in reality, she has naturally good habits that work. Unfortunately for me, I was well into my twenties when I started making meaningful changes.  I don’t know if I have five tips, but I’ll do my best!

May: First of all, throw away your out-of-date cosmetics. You have to know that expired products are real nests for bacteria because the substance that used to protect your cosmetic products against bacteria has become ineffective. Spreading bacteria on your skin will worsen your little imperfections.

My second tip is to wash your brushes and sponges, for the reason mentioned above. I use the daily Brush cleaner from Sephora. I just spray the product on my brush and wipe it afterwards. Once a week, I wash my brushes with the birchbox brush cleaning tool and some soap, as it makes my brushes feel as good as new.


Also, don’t forget to wash your face. In my case I do it twice a day. The first time would be when I wake up because you will clean up the excess of sebum and the sweat you accumulated overnight. The second time is at night before bed to remove your makeup of course, but also the pollution and all the toxins that built up during the day. Above all, no excuses after a long night of partying, even at 5 am cleaning your face is your priority.

Laura: In terms of washing my face, my routine is slightly different from May’s. While washing your face twice a day works great in your teens and early twenties, as you age, it is probably better to let your skin rest and not over wash it. I have very sensitive skin and because my skin type is combination, I often resorted to washing it thoroughly to avoid blemishes. It turns out that the gentler I am with it, the better it looks. Now I only wash it once a day, usually at night, with a gentle wash such as Avene. In the morning, a splash of cold water is enough. Removing makeup is essential, not only before you go to bed, but also before work-outs. Makeup mixed with sweat can clog your pores. I do not use aggressive make-up removers, because I prefer micellar water such as this one or this one


May: To have a great skin, you also need to stay hydrated. I’am not talking about using a moisturizing cream even if it is great, I’m talking about drinking water. You know what we say, at least 1.5 liters a day. Drinking water will help eliminate all the toxins and impurities in your body and illuminate your complexion. Also, water has many other benefits for your body like helping you lose weight.

Laura: I agree, staying hydrated is important for your skin and your overall well being. When it comes to skincare, it is important to be mindful of what you drink – check your caffeine intake for example – and what you eat. This was a tough one for me, especially after moving to the US, because my body and my skin were all over the place as I was discovering new foods and a new way of life. Luckily, after six years here, I have figured out what works for me. Eating a lot of green vegetables and going easy on white starch, deli foods, and alcohol does the trick. I eat a lot less meat, dairy and animal fat than I used to, replacing them by vegetarian, monounsaturated fats, like avocado, nuts and  olive oil. Everyone has to find what works best with their body. I can tell almost immediately after I have indulged too much, as I see the consequences on my skin right away. 

May: My last but not least piece of advice will be to wash your pillowcase as much as possible. Every night, you drop some excess of sebum and sweat on your pillow. In my case, I wash my sheets and pillows once a week. I love the smell of clean sheets when I get into my bed.

Laura: Speaking of bed, here is one thing that cannot be overstated: sleep! I know this is a tough one when you live a busy life, but it does allow your skin to rest, giving it that healthy glow. Nothing is worse than sleep deprived, dull skin and I get very bad dark circles so I try my best to be mindful of my bedtime… whenever possible.

I would add that I do not wear a lot of makeup most of the time. I prefer CC cream over foundation and I spend most of my makeup budget on skin care. Recently I have discovered a type of product that really changed my skin routine: elixirs or facial oils. I have tried the Premier Cru Elixir by Caudalie and the Josie Maran Argan Oil, and they have worked wonders!  It makes my skin hydrated and elastic without feeling oily or shiny. This is the first time I really get this perfect balance with my combination skin type.