Tips to become a positive person


Being a positive person sound good and trendy, but it is such more than just a fad, it actually a real key that can upgraded the quality of your life. Personally I realized the amazing power of a positive mind a lot this year and trust me with a positive mind you attract success, understand failures and turn it to a lesson, you get able to over come the obstacles, you boost your self-confidence and you get an inspiration for other people… and so much more.

To be a positive person you have to personally deeply decide it. So the first step will be to change your habits.  here some tips that can help you to start being a positive person.

  • Realize

One things is for me very important is to realize what you are. In fact every human have some qualities. You have to be conscient of what is good in you, so you can use it to achieves your goal. Also you have to realize what you have. I like the sentence “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want”. Complaining about our weakness or about what we don’t have won’t help us to upgrade our life, instead of if you are conscient of your qualities and of the luck you have you will be able to get the best of yourself.

  • Banish negatives words

“Speech reflects your mind”_ Sénèque. By focusing on turning all you sentence in a positive way, you will get to think more and more in a positive way. For exemple, it’s better to say “I prefer when you are on time” than “I don’t like when you are late”. On top of that when you turn your sentence in a positive way your interlocutor won’t put himself on the defensive and your relation with others people will be improve as well.

  • Practice the positive affirmation

I deeply believe in the power of “self-persuasion”, the positives thoughts are able of great changing in our lives. “Any thought occupying our mind only becomes true to us and tends to turn into action.” said Emile Coué. To make things easier, I prepared for you a few statement that could be useful. At the beginning I found some sentences a bit ridiculous to repeat to myself, but I figured out that it was effective and the shame is gone. So here a few:
-I’m enough/I’m able
-That’s so easy for me
-I’m stronger everyday
-I’ve got so much energy today
-I’m in good shape/I look good
-I don’t mind my stress, I’m confident

  •  Smile and give compliments to others

By smiling to others people, giving them some sincere compliments you will attract a lot of positivity. Giving is the best way to receive and even if you don’t get it back directly when you will get it back it will huge. When you smile to someone or when you are kind you unlock an incredible positive energy.

  • Surround yourself with positive people

Since you can contaminate people with positivity people can also infect you with negativity, protect you from people who are always negative, always criticize others people etc. You guys know this famous sentence “Tell me who are your friends, I’ll tell you who you are”. Escape the mind pollution of negative people, you have to be with people that you guys can pull each other up.

  • A positive thoughts diary

I don’t personally do it (yet), but I read the idea on a blog and I liked the idea so much. The concept is to spend 5 minutes each day to write on the diary. So in our case the exercise would be to write some positive thoughts everyday. But well, this idea can be used to every goal that you have.


I guess now you have some great key to start changing your life even if there is thousands others tips to turn yourself into a positive person… I’ll give you more in the part II



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