Five essentials I keep  in my purse


Tell me what’s in your purse, I’ll tell you who you are. Today, I’m going to open my bag and give you a glimpse of my daily habits. Here the list of the five essential items I carry with me everyday.

  • My iPhone

Like many of us, I bring my phone everywhere, even when I go out with Foebe (my dog) for a five minute walk. I use my phone for almost everything in my life: to manage my work schedule, edit the blogs, keep in touch with friends, check out my apps and keep an eye on my activities… You got it, I always have a good reason to take a look at my iPhone and it drives my boyfriend crazy at times.

  • A mini make-up bag

I’ve got a small purse, so the room is scarce. I keep only a powder foundation and a lipstick. It’s very efficient. In the middle of the day on my lunch break, I apply some powder and lipstick, then I immediately look fresher and I’m good to go on with my day.

  • My “refresher” team

I can’t spend a day without what I call my refresher team, it’s composed of my deodorant, my intimate wipes and my perfume. All these items are pocket size. I bought an small empty spray bottle and I transfer my perfume in it, so I can refill it when needed.

  • A pair of sunglasses

During summer I never go out without my sunglasses. I like to have them in my purse just in case. What if we decide to have a drink on a terrace after work? My two favorite pairs are the RayBan club master and a Sonia Rykiel model that I have had for years, but still love them.

  • A wallet

I’ve got a Le Tanneur Wallet that my parents gifted me for Christmas. I love it so much. All my cards fit in it and we girls know how many cards one can have in a single wallet.


Should I carry something else? Tell me what you have in your purse in the comments.



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