My secret for strong and long nails

A large majority of people are surprised when they figure out that my nails are real. My nails are long and strong and I’m proud of it because it was not always the case. My nails used to be a disaster: I used to bite them so they were weak and brittle. My sister – and many other people – said my fingers looked like stumps.



Now that’s just a bad memory. So I can definitely testify that your nails can be saved, regardless of their current state. Here is my secret:

  • Start with a cure

Everything started with a two-week cure: I used Herome extra strong hardener. Basically, the first day you apply one coat. The second day, apply a second one without removing the first coat. The third day, remove everything and apply one coat again. Repeat it for two or three weeks.

While doing the cure, file your nails at least every two day. You’ll see your nails become magically stronger.



  • Maintain good habits

To make sure that my nails stay strong, I keep using Herome hardener as a base coat under my nail polish.

Also, you must keep filing your nails regularly. After the cure I was filing my nails everyday or every two days. Now that I have achieved my goal, I file them maybe three times a week just to keep the shape. You will need to find the right rhythm for your own type of nails.

Also, I like to use nail oils to nourish them. I tried so many of them, such as Rescue RXx or Herome Nourishing oil. Also, do not hesitate to repeat the cure from time to time.

Here is the evolution of my nails. I needed 6 months to grow and maintain them just as I wanted:



Good luck!








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