My first all inclusive stay

While on vacation, I am the kind of person who wants to visit and see everything without catching a break. But this time, my beloved Chris convinced me to experience another kind of vacation.

So, for the first time in my life, I decided to try an all inclusive hotel resort.

When I told my friends about it, most of them were doubtful. I was a bit worried about getting disappointed or bored but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable trips I ever took (Here’s the proof).

An alluring place to stay

We went to the island of Rhodes in Greece. We stayed at the Tui Magic Life Plimmiri, located in the south of the island. This hotel is very well named, as life there is amazing. The setting is delightful, with lots of greenery and white buildings and three charming swimming pools surrounded with palms trees. The whole team took very good care of us. The staff was very pleasant, always smiling, friendly and polite.



Get some rest & enjoy

When I travel I usually end up even more tired than during a normal day. I mean I wake up early, go to bed late and pack my days with various activities. So for the first time, I got some real rest on vacation,  and I must admit that my body was very thankful.

Yet getting rest doesn’t mean being bored on your sun bed. Hell no! The resort offers various activities all day: tennis, biking, you can even learn diving lessons or simply go to the beach. I particularly enjoyed the waterslide… #likeachild



We could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Our favorite activity was sipping cocktails by the pool in between two volleyball games.

No worries, everything is easy

What was particularly enjoyable is that we didn’t have to worry about anything except bringing our passports.

When we landed, a bus was waiting to drive us to the hotel. No need to wait or worry about an overpriced taxi. We just sat down and admired the landscape. For our trip back home, we left the hotel in the middle of the night at three a.m. Once again the bus was waiting for us and the hotel even served breakfast.


Eat, drink, repeat

The all-you-can-eat buffet became our best friend. There are all kinds of heavenly foods, from meat to fish, from pasta to vegetables, not to mention the scrumptious desserts. It was just so nice to eat and drink what you want when you want without having to worry about the bill at the end of your meal.


Yet there was one thing that was better than the food, the delicious cocktails. We had a few drinks during the afternoon, but every day at around six pm, we had our daily appointment at the rooftop bar. The view there is stunning and the cocktails are amazing. Our favorite was the Dark and Angel.



Going on an adventure and exploring places on your own while traveling is a great way to spend your vacation, but I would still definitely recommend the experience of an all inclusive holiday. Especially at this resort.

You won’t regret it !


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