A breathtaking day in Lindos

Chris and I enjoyed our Greek summer a lot. We spent most of our time relaxing at our hotel club, but as we were on an incredible island, we also wanted to see some sights. Our first adventure was in the Lindos village, the most famous place on the island. We had such an amazing day there!

  • Getting lost in the narrow white streets

Lindos is a typical white Greek village, with charming little streets only for pedestrians. When we arrived, we tried to escape the massive tourist groups at the entrance of the village and started to explore the town on our own. I have to admit that we almost got lost! However, I would definitely recommend a casual stroll through the village,  it’s the perfect way to discover this beautiful place.


  • Eating on a rooftop

When it comes to finding a restaurant, TripAdvisor is my best friend. Once again, we were very happy with our choice. We ate at the Village House restaurant. The view from the rooftop was perfect and the staff was very nice. We ordered the Greek salad and the village house salad. The food  was fresh and tasty, perfect to cool  off on this hot Greek summer day!


  • Taking the local taxi

In Lindos, we took the local transportation. I was just like a child on my donkey! Her name was Mimi and she was so sweet. Donkey Mimi carried me on her back from the Lindos village to the Lindos acropolis. Our journey took ten minutes and I confess that I felt guilty for Mimi because of all the sweet ice cream I’ve eaten. But the guide assured me that she is very strong. On her back I enjoyed the panoramic view on the way. It was a great experience for only 6€.

  • Discovering ancient ruins

This acropolis has ruins from different time periods. The one that specifically caught my eye is the Athena Lindia Temple and its huge stairs . A large part has been renovated, it helps imagine how it used to be, and I found it incredible. You have to pay 12€ to access it, but it’s definitely worth it.

  • Enjoying the view

The acropolis is on the highest part of the village, it culminates at a height of 116 meters and the view from there is incredible. You have a panoramic view on Lindos on one side and the St. Paul Bay on the other, which is absolutely fabulous.


I think you got it, it was a fantastic day, and I’m already working on the blog to show you more of it.


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